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Loving yourself in Africa

Sorry I have been so quiet all, I went through a very ‘whoa is me’ stage and on a fantastic journey to find self-happiness. Of course, I’ve read every motivational and build me up quote there is out there and cried long into my coffee mugs. But with huge help from friends and family, i

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Hard roads, good destinations

Hard Roads, Good Destinations  Let me tell you about this trip I do, There’s a couple of routes but this one is true. Just two hours drive to the border post, Zambezi Breezers if you still need a host, To serve that stabilizer, calm the twitch, We love the river but dehydration’s a bitch. Passed

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Take me to the Lake of Stars

Fantastic news, The Lake of Stars returns to the beaches of Lake Malawi on the 28th-30th of September 2018. The venue will be announced at a later date so please follow the link to find out more. The first artist will be announced in April. I personally love this trip and arrange it for my

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Eat up Zambia!

Zambian markets are an experience not to miss. It’s a privilege and a truly amazing cultural experience for one to meander through the market stalls and take in the sounds and smells of our bountiful Zambia. Makeshift stands brimmed with sweet and juicy tomatoes, okra and all sorts of fresh vegetables make for a colourful

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Up close and personal with a Giraffe

Not many people can say they own a magnificent selfie with an animal so beautiful. But the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi, in Kenya, certainly offers you the opportunity to get one. So beautifully designed, the center offers animals massive enclosures and plenty of space to roam. Daily set times call the giraffes in for feeding

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Africa from behind the wheel

The only man I envy is the one who has not yet been to Africa For he has so much to look forward to…. Sentimental from the wheels that touch the tar to the bags tied down on the roof rack. She belongs to my father.. although I take her out for most of her spins now.

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Bush angels

Tanya Kruger left us very early in life, some eight years ago now. Our friendship was short but strong. It wasn’t “love at first sight” for us both, like most adolescent friendships I suppose, ours was fuelled with healthy competition. Although she had already undergone the procedure of receiving a new kidney from her brother,

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