For the Love of Dogs

For the Love of Dogs

Monkey and Cheeky, sausage cross Jack Russell puppies, each with more character than a dinosaur on heat, are my most loyal companions. We have shared many moments together but nothing more special than when we hit the tar together. Both more equipped to travel, licensed and passported better than most of my friends, there isn’t a journey they would take on.

With the wind flapping through their gums, they position themselves to catch as much of the world that flies past them as they can. With warning barks and whimpers to anyone who might slightly be too close to the car, still, they welcome in their surroundings with ecstatic joy. Monkey rules the roost, sometimes even I find myself unprepared to wake her for the journey ahead, choosing rather refill my coffee and enjoy the view just that much longer. I can’t complain, that tiny alpha female got me well trained. Cheeky, the baby of our pack hangs back and waits her turn to truly enjoy everything, and when that turn comes, my goodness what a challenge it is to gather her again.

The first world comes with a lot of rules to owning pets, Zambia is slightly more lenient. Catching up fast we now have fantastic dog training facilities and amazing vets that take true care of our deeply loved family members. My puppies are ever faithful to Liza, a fantastic vet found in Lusaka who cares for them as if they were her own. I have been more than grateful for her on many occasions.

As we set off for our next adventure watch this space for exciting updates on embarrassing yet memorable moments on the road that the three of us share.


Claire Bradshaw

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