Loving yourself in Africa

Loving yourself in Africa

Sorry I have been so quiet all, I went through a very ‘whoa is me’ stage and on a fantastic journey to find self-happiness. Of course, I’ve read every motivational and build me up quote there is out there and cried long into my coffee mugs. But with huge help from friends and family, i am back on track. Perhaps my favourite quote to date is ‘IF YOUR LIFE JUST GOT HARDER, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU JUST LEVELED UP!’ I mean wow right. Not too sure who the owner of such powerful words is but I’d sure love to shake their hand.

My father and I recently took a trip back to the motherland for new passport applications, this in itself never fails to be challenging. But along the way singing to the likes of THE CARPENTERS, KEVIN BLOODY WILSON and KENNY RODGERS https://www.billboard.com/charts/country-albums, Africa slipped past us on the road. The extreme beauty and tranquillity of the bush truly calm the soul. From the waters of the mighty Zambezi https://www.zambia-advisor.com/MightyZambeziRiver.html to the rolling hills of the border escarpments, my heart lights up and the silly self-inflicted mood slips away.

The African road is where I am most at home, each infuriating pot hole, annoyingly placed toll gate broken flickering traffic light and even the two hour wait border crossing brings such pride to my heart.  https://zimguide.com/chirundu-one-stop-border-post-crossing-information. These roads flow through me like the blood in my body, pumping, filling my heart with love for the hot humid African air. Suddenly all I feel is freedom, the will to hit my next target and take on the challenges to come full on. I am blessed to be part of this country to be born on this continent, and come rain or shine I’m going to show the world MY Africa!


I wish you all the brightest, sunniest most unreliable yet successful African day!



Claire Bradshaw

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